Dungeon Features


– Block
– Bomb Flower
– Cracked Tile: Bomb to break through.
– Cracked Wall: Bomb to break through.
– Deku Flower
– Dig Spot
– Pull Lever
– Shot Target
– Spiderweb: Can only be passed by burning up.
– Spinner gear
– Spinner tracks
– Switch, Crystal: Shoot with arrows or hook/long/claw/slingshots or strike with a handheld weapon to trigger. These open doors, turn off spouts of flame, etc. Some work on timers.
– Switch, Eye
– Switch, Frozen Eye
– Switch, Rusted
– Switch, weight
– Torch
– Triforce symbol

– Bottomless pits
– Ice
– Invisible Floors
– Invisible walls
– Lava
– Quicksand

– Firespout
– Razor Trap
– Spike Trap
– Spinner Trap


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