Multi-Module Adventures

The Legend of Zelda: Battle of Faces ~*~Currently plotting~*~
New Technology
Shop Inventories

The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King
Plot summary, story format
Part 1: Castle Town and Road to Ordon
Part 2: Faron Woods
Part 3: Return to Castle Town
Part 4: Road to Lake Hylia
Part 5: Lake Hylia
Part 6: Road to Death Mountain
Part 7: Death Mountain
Part 8: Return to Castle Town 2
Part 9: Road to the Twilight Palace
Part 10: Journey Through the Dark Realm and Ganonhim’s Manor
Part 11: Dark Link’s Palace
Part 12: Ending


Ikea: The Joke Dungeon



  1. Guys, I absolutely love this. I have been looking all around for a Zelda RP and found this masterpiece. I think I may actually get a group together and pitch this to them. Thank you for making this, and I look forward to seeing the finished Shadow King Campaign and upcoming Battle of Faces. Keep up the good work.

    • I myself am running a campaign using some of the info from this site. I love it.

      • So do my players

  2. it is an interesting backstory for things to get rolling. Have you thought of having the shadowlink actually be an ancient hero who failed in his quest to protect the triforce when it was threatened by the civil war? It would give more reason as to why shadow link appears to link and brings so much temptation in twilight princess.

  3. btw i am sorry if this is not the place to post i am new to the site. And i am unsure as to alot of zelda lore, so forgive me, i am just throwing up some ideas.

  4. Wow, Why you don’t continue this? Absolutely amazing!

  5. I only wish I could use this for my group. To bad the system isn’t finished. It would be fun to see it augmented for Skyward Sword.

  6. I have actually been in the making of a Majora’s Mask based campaign… my biggest issue was figuring out stats for the monsters… This site solved that issue. If no one has posted a MM based campaign yet. I will try to keep in touch for when I finish mine.

  7. Hey I’ve been really excited to play a Twilight Princess Module. I’ve been reading through this and am definitely going to be playing it this week with our group. I was wondering if you have finished the full campaign. I would love to see how this ends!

  8. this isn’t a bad idea for a campaign. I’m making my own campaign using ideas from the site. Part of it will involve the Hero, Link, is saving Holodrum and Labrynna and the players assume characters to take up the sword and shield in Hyrule. A major story-important character is killed (I’m not sure who or why yet) and the players have to search for the Oracle of Life, Farore. (Since Din was Seasons, Nayru was Ages) in order to resurrect them. Welcome to use that and build on it if you want. It’s just a rough draft idea.

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