Who to Blame

Wodo and Bodo are two Kokiri who claim to be the Sages of Mediocrity and Obsession, respectively. The creation of this game came about after years of Dungeons and Dragons and Zelda, finally congealing into a project after their search for a truly likeable Nintendo villain proved fruitless.

Bodo handles most of the plotting and conversions. Wodo sometimes cranks the Idea Generation Unit  and does the art (the stuff that’s not Nintendo official art).

While not working on Zelda d20, Wodo and Bodo can be found playing Zelda, thinking about Zelda, and prattling on about Zelda.

Their names come from the additional notes of the musical scale invented by Holly of the Red Dwarf.



  1. Hi, stumbled across your site while looking for more info to boost my current LoZ corebook. Not sure if you had a hand in that one. I like everything I see and if I can be any help, get a hold of me. Been playing LoZ since the beginning on NES all the way until Twilight Princess. (Haven’t had the cash or system to get the later ones.) Hope everything goes well for ya and hope ya continue to flesh this out.

  2. I have a question. would it not be fitting for the player and “sm” to use the the tri-stat system as alternative to the d20 system It allows a build and growth similar to the games and tailored abilities. not only to a game references and removal of the Class Based ideas. plus this is a way to get Zelda fans and gamers to hit up role playing on the table top both concepts and ability to get a hold of a pair of six sided dice.

  3. How does one get in contact with Bodo and Wodo

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