Goddesses of Hyrule

Din, Goddess of Power

Creatrix of the earth and fire, Din is associated with fire, rhythm, and the colour red. Her power resides in the Triforce of Power.

Farore, Goddess of Courage

Creatrix of the air and plants, Farore is associated with wind, bravery, heroism, forests, and the colour green. Her power resides in the Triforce of Courage.

Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom

Creatrix of the water and law, Nayru is associated with time, water, ice, love, singing, stringed instruments, and the colour blue. Her power resides in the Triforce of Wisdom.


The most mysterious goddess, this deity has two faces: the beatific Mujula, goddess of the Twili, and the chaotic Majora, an incarnation of evil. As Hyrule’s magic comes from its three goddesses, the Twili’s magic comes from Mujula. While she is widely unknown in Hyrule, her likeness is depicted in the “sand goddess” statue of the Spirit Temple.

Majora is associated with the evil aspect of shadow, while Mujula is associated with the peaceful rest of night.

This goddess’s two faces are represented by Majora’s Mask and the Fierce Deity Mask. Her power resides in the Triforce of Shadow, the invisible triangle in the center of the triforce that can be used for good or for evil.


One comment

  1. You have the names on farore and Nayru backwards. As is shown in the legend of zelda skyward sword, Nayru is the Thunder Dragon/Wind Dragon and Farore is the Water Dragon.

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