Races of Hyrule

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Gerudo - Zelda d20Gerudo

A race of almost entirely women, the Gerudo populate the deserts of Hyrule and the shores of Termina. One male is born to them every hundred years; it is assumed that they reproduce by mating with the other human races (Hylians or Sheikah). They are infamous pirates and thieves.

Gerudo have red hair, golden eyes, round ears, and brown skin–whether this is through natural colouring or tanning under the desert sun is unknown. Those in charge tend to wear their hair long in a high ponytail, while servants cut their hair short.

Roll a Gerudo as a human with +1 Dex, +2 Bluff, +2 Forgery, +2 Move Silently, and +2 Sleight of Hand.

Favoured Class


Goron - Zelda d20Background
Often mistaken for rocks, Gorons populate mountainous areas, whether snowy or fiery. They are incredibly durable, able to resist fire and lava, but are rather slow and dim-witted. They are very heavy and cannot swim or breathe underwater. They value strength above all else. Slow to trust outsiders, they are intensely loyal once their trust is won.

Appearing as a cross between a boulder and a sumo wrestler, the average Goron is at least five times heavier than the average Hylian. Gorons are immune to fire and lava, including fire and lava attacks. However, they can sink in deep lava as they would in water.

Roll a Goron as an average human with weight adjustments; +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma.

Favoured Class

Hylian - Zelda d20Hylian

The Hylians were the first race to establish organized civilization in Hyrule, and as such they populate the largest and most powerful countries. They are unique among Hyruleans in that they tend to organize themselves in large cities.

Hylians have long, pointed ears, but otherwise tend to be identical to humans in build and colouring. They also have an innate talent for magic, making them suited to a number of classes.

Treat as human.

Favoured Class

Kokiri - Zelda d20Kokiri

The Kokiri live in the Kokiri Forest under the care of their guardian fairies and the Great Deku Tree, never to grow up. They have a symbiotic relationship with the Kokiri Forest, and it is said that they cannot leave or they will die. The Kokiri are highly magical beings, making them well-suited to any class that frequently uses magic.

Grown Kokiri are indistinguishable from Hylian children except for their fairy companions. Kokiri tend to have brown, blonde, or green hair and blue or purple eyes. They must return to the Kokiri Forest for a full night of rest every week, or they will sicken and die.

Treat as Halfling; a Kokiri must have a fairy familiar.

Favoured Class

Rito - Zelda d20Rito

The Rito originally evolved from the Zora–from the sea to the sky! The ability to fly makes them invaluable for communications, and many Rito become postal workers. They are not born with wings; these they acquire later in life.

Rito are unique among the sentient races of the Zelda universe (apart from fairies) in that they possess the ability to fly. They have sharp foot-talons which they can use as weapons.

Treat as Raptorian.

Favoured Class

Sheikah - Zelda d20Sheikah

The Sheikah, sometimes called the Shadow Folk (due to their ninja-like ability to melt into the shadows, not a connection to the Twilight Realm) are close cousins of the Hylians. A secretive, magical race, they are devoted to serve the Three Goddesses and the Royal Family of Hyrule.

While they are almost identical to Hylians, Sheikah have distinctive white hair and red eyes. They usually display the Sheikah symbol somewhere on their persons, either on clothing or as a tattoo.

Treat as human; +1 Dex, +1 Con; +2 Knowledge: History, +2 Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty, +2 Sense Motive, +2 Hide, +2 Move Silently

Favoured Class

Twili - Zelda d20Twili

The Twili began as a group of dark sorcerers who used “old magic” known as the Fused Shadows. They were banished to the Twilight Realm after attempting to take the Triforce. They eventually adapted to their new surroundings and established a new culture in the Twilight Realm.

Twili resemble Hylians in shape, but are taller and thinner. They have pale skin marked with glowing lines and red-blonde hair, and wear shadows as clothing. Twili are the only race that is not automatically proficient in all Zelda weapons; however, all Twili have innate magical abilities stronger than those of Hylians and can use their hair as a powerful third hand.

Treat as human; +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom, +5 Disguise

Twili have a number of special attacks that they can perform with their hair at a distance of up to 50 feet. These attacks are dependent on Charisma, not Dexterity:
Grapple: A Twili can use his hair to lift and manipulate objects. Use double the Charisma modifier when rolling DC. If using  hair to grapple an enemy, apply the Charisma modifier instead of strength and double it.
Palm strike: A Twili can use his hair to do lethal damage with an unarmed strike. Roll the damage as normal for an unarmed strike, but double the Charisma modifier.
Impale: A Twili can use his hair as a spear to impale an opponent. Treat the strike as a longspear, but double the Charisma modifier.

Favoured Class

Zora - Zelda d20Zora

The Zora are a dolphin-like race that tend Hyrule’s rivers and seas. They are ruled by a monarch and are the only known race to hatch out of eggs.

While especially vulnerable against fire and ice attacks, Zora can breathe underwater and are excellent swimmers. An adventuring Zora must have a drink of water every hour or suffer a -1 temporary Constitution penalty for each hour without water. After half a day without water (sleeping at night excluded), blindness sets in. A Zora who is completely away from water for too long will die.

Treat as human; -2 AC against fire or ice attacks, +2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence, +5 Swim

Favoured Class


Non-Twili who do not possess a moon pearl will take on animal forms when entering the Twilight Realm:

  • Gerudo become foxes
  • Gorons become armadillos
  • Hylians become wolves
  • Kokiri become rabbits
  • Rito become hawks
  • Sheikah become snow leopards
  • Zora become lizards

A Twili who enters the Light Realm without possessing a moon tear will be forced into imp form. A Twili in imp form suffers a -4 Strength penalty but, as a small creature, gains +1 to AC. (The strength penalty does not apply to the three Twili hair attacks.)

Hovering: A Twili in Imp form is also able to float in the air. The height at which a Twili can float is directly related to the height he wishes to reach. A Twili may float a foot above the ground indefinitely, and can reach a maximum height of fifty feet for three rounds (18 seconds). Here are some helpful conversions:
50 ft = 18 seconds
37.5 ft = 13.5 seconds
25ft = 9 seconds
12.5ft = 4.5 seconds



  1. I strongly beleave that Hylian’s are not humans they were only persumed humans because of the new instalment that wasn’t even the orginal creator of Zelda. I beleave that they are a cross between a fey and Elf not a human in the slightest. They show more agility than a human can possess and more strength than an elf. And a nact for magical ability’s

    • My thought exactly; they’re elves in my book

  2. Aren’t the Gerudos too powerful? What are their weaknesses/disadvantages?

    • The Gerudo only gain skill-based bonuses, rather than attack or base stat bonuses. It really limits their classing ability.

  3. I think Deku and Skull Kids would also be interesting races to play. More specifically Deku like those of the N64 zelda games where they were partly merchants and not a completely evil race completely bent on the will of Gannon. Course like the Goron and Zora, maybe Deku were not always evil, but just under the control of Gannon for a time.

  4. I almost forgot the Anouki (yeti people) from the DS games, they should also be added

  5. You missed some really cool races here like the Deku and Skull Kids, as Rachums said above, and also things like playable versions of Darknuts and the Blins (Moblins, Bokoblins, and Miniblins). Other than that, great job!

  6. Kokiris don’t die when leaving the forest, that’s something the Great Deku Tree told them to discourage them from leaving the forest because they’re safer in the woods (not as many monsters as out there). Also, Twili actually DIE when entering the Light Realm, Midna doesn’t because she hides in Link’s shadow using magic, and when she’s exposed to the light when attacked by Zant after gathering all the Fused Shadows she nearly dies. She’s in “imp form” because she was cursed by Zant. And Link doesn’t become a wolf because he entered the Twilight Realm, he does because he (somehow) had a shadow crystal implanted on him, removed by the master sword. There’s the fog that turns you back into a wolf too, and the Sol (the light orb) which disperses the fog, so those should have been taken into consideration

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