Shadow King: Plot Summary, Story-Form

January 29, 2010


This story-format summary of the plot of Shadow King is intended to help you decide if you are interested in the story and interested in playing Shadow King. This gives you the background information that leads up to the game proper so that you don’t have to search for the pieces through all the modules.

Early in Hyrule’s history, a tribe skilled in dark magic used a power called a Fused Shadow to attempt to conquer the Sacred Realm and obtain the Triforce. The Dark Interlopers were vanquished by the four Spirits of Light and banished to the Twilight Realm, where they would eventually become the Twili. They, and the Twilight Realm, were all but forgotten by Hyrule.

Several hundred years before the Seal War, a great Sheikah lived in Kakariko Village. None now remember his name, for it has been forbidden to speak it for too long. He is remembered by his childhood name, Bongo Bongo, for the instrument he played. His house stood where the well in Kakariko Village is today.

The king of Hyrule asked Bongo Bongo to create a magical device that could see through evil’s deceptions. Bongo Bongo accomplished this by making the Lens of Truth, which he delivered to the king in person. Upon receiving the Lens of Truth, the king was very pleased, and he joked that Bongo Bongo should look at the Triforce through it to make sure that it was working properly.

Bongo Bongo did not recognize the comment as a jest, and he complied. Through the Lens of Truth, he saw the hidden piece at the center of the Triforce—the Triforce of Shadow. The sight of the Triforce of Shadow drove Bongo Bongo instantly mad.

Bongo Bongo attempted to steal the Triforce, killing many before he was finally apprehended. He was executed as a traitor and a thief, his head and hands cut off. His body was cast into the Shadow Temple, Hyrule’s graveyard for evildoers. The Sheikah added a teardrop to their eye symbol in remembrance of the tragedy.

Years passed, and Hyrule fell into civil war that would later be known as the Unification War. At this time Ganondorf, the king of the desert people, came to the King of Hyrule and offered the Gerudo’s support. With his aid, Hyrule was reunited, and Ganondorf became a trusted advisor to the King.

However, Ganondorf was not what he seemed. He secretly plotted to steal the Triforce. Princess Zelda, then a child, recognized his evil spirit and sent the first Link, the Hero of Time, to gather the keys to the Door of Time before Ganondorf could. Link completed his mission successfully—but Ganondorf was watching, and when Link opened the door to the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf struck. He seized the Triforce, but since his heart was not in balance, the Triforce split, leaving him with only the Triforce of Power. The Triforce of Courage went to Link, the Triforce of Wisdom to Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Shadow to Ladislao, Link’s doppelganger.

Link was not yet ready to wield the Master Sword, so he fell into a seven-year sleep. During that time, Ganondorf conquered all of Hyrule. All manner of evil creatures sprang up—including Bongo Bongo, who was resurrected as a monster that terrorized Kakariko Village. When Link awakened, he traveled across Hyrule to free the seven Sages, then met Ganondorf in combat. Ganondorf was defeated and sent back in time. The second time around, Princess Zelda and Link knew what he was planning, and before he could conquer Hyrule again, he was sentenced to execution. However, since he possessed a piece of the Triforce, the Sages were unable to kill Ganondorf. Instead, they sealed him in the Dark Realm.

A hundred years passed, and again Hyrule seemed at peace. Yet, even in the Dark Realm, Ganondorf continued to plot. He managed to make his way from the Dark Realm to the Twilight Realm, where he appeared as a god to Zant. Using Ganondorf’s power, Zant usurped Princess Midna’s throne, took over Twilight, and attempted to conquer Hyrule next. Another Link, a re-incarnation of the Hero of Time, vanquished Zant and locked swords with Ganondorf. This time, the Three Golden Goddesses intervened—they took the Triforce of Power away from Ganondorf, and Link was able to deliver the killing blow.

Ganondorf was finally dead, but his influence on the world had not yet ended. Ladislao—Dark Link, Link the Hero’s doppelganger—had long ago established a kingdom of his own in the Dark Realm by conquering its denizens. When Ganondorf was sent to the Dark Realm, Ladislao pledged allegiance and plotted in secret to use Ganondorf for his own purposes.

During the Unification War, a young Sheikah named Orpheus fled to the Twilight Realm, unwilling to fight for a royal family he barely knew. Injured and missing an eye, he was found wandering as a snow leopard by Ladislao. Ladislao quickly took Orpheus under his wing, for shortly after, an unremembered woman in the Gerudo Valley bore Ganondorf a son.

Before news could spread, Ganondorf sent Orpheus to kidnap the baby, whom he named Ganonhim. Orpheus, acting as both bodyguard and nanny, and Ladislao, acting as tutor, raised Ganonhim in the Dark Realm. Ganonhim was brought up to hold his father in awe and respect, but Ladislao purposely instilled self-doubt in the young man, making him easy for Orpheus and Ladislao to control.

Ganondorf had intended Ganonhim to succeed him as ruler of the Dark Realm once he had conquered Hyrule. When Link killed Ganondorf, the Triforce of Power went to Ganonhim. Ladislao immediately seized control of the Dark Realm once more, promising Ganonhim that he was only acting as regent. He used phrases such as “You’re not quite ready yet” and “You’ll be fit to rule soon” to keep Ganonhim under his thumb, while at the same time putting his own plans into action.

Ladislao was angry at the Light Realm for using the Dark Realm as its dumping ground for unwanted monsters. Ladislao had added many powerful creatures to his ranks this way, but Ganondorf had been the last straw. Ladislao intended to teach the Light Realm a lesson. Using the secret power of the Triforce of Shadow, he kidnapped Link the Hero and Princess Zelda, sealing them away in the Dark Realm, and stole the Master Sword.

He sent Ganonhim to plant Gasha Seeds across Hyrule—magic seeds that, when planted, would grow monsters instead of fruit. When all the monsters had been released, or the tree was destroyed, a Gasha Nut would be left—that, when planted, would grow more Gasha Seeds. Orpheus was to travel Hyrule disguised as a wandering minstrel to keep the plan in check.

Hyrule was once again in danger. It was time for the incarnation of the Hero to arise and vanquish evil once again.

But the Hero had been rendered powerless.

No one ordinary man could hope to stand against Ladislao. However, a team of brave adventurers, working together, might possibly be able to save Hyrule.


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