Shadow King: Part 5: Lake Hylia

January 27, 2010



Lake Hylia

Okay, here’s the deal. I took a different route when I mapped out Lake Hylia. Instead of making squares in Paint (as with Faron Woods), I doodled a not-to-scale map on butcher paper, watercoloured it, and marked the party’s location. I am still trying to figure out how to translate that map to the computer. Until I get it figured out, I’ve described Lake Hylia’s key locations here. The dungeon as a whole is a big spiral, ending with Kalle Demos in the center. ~Bodo


  • Bio Deku Baba
  • Shabom
  • Stinger
  • Big Octo
  • Kalle Demos

Total Treasure:

  • Coral earring worth 50 rupees.
  • Small silver bell worth 300 rupees.
  • Bottle half-full of cold Zora Coffee.
  • Razor Ring

Puzzle features:

  • Water level: Play the Song of Storms to raise or lower the water.
  • Water: The water is acidic and will do 1 point of damage for every other turn that the character remains standing in it.
  • Propeller: Press the buttons on the stone in the order of the notes for Zelda’s Lullaby to turn the propeller on and off.

Key rooms (in order of encountering):

  • Lily pad corridor: Characters enter the lake through a gap in the plants across from Hena’s house. Across from them is a two-branched dead end; to the right the main dungeon continues. To the left is a small area with floating logs that can be stood on for fighting. Past that is a corridor too narrow for the boat to go through–however, characters can make it through by hopping across lily pads. If they can score high enough jump checks all the way to the end, they get the Razor Ring hooked on the plants.
  • Kokiri spiral: Again, the dungeon path branches. To the left the dungeon continues. To the right, two corridors branch in the shape of the Kokiri spiral. At the end of the larger arm, characters can find the coral earring.
  • Plumm’s Rock: An ideal place for fighting, as characters can get out of the boat. The silver bell is here.
  • Water Trap Area 1: This corridor contains two obstacles. The first is a growth of plants across the water just high enough to get the boat under. Ideally, characters should play the Song of Storms to lower the water level. Failing that, they could batter through the plants, squash themselves down under the boat, or use the Song of Soaring to fly over.
  • Water Trap Area 2: Just down the corridor from the first trap, a four-foot rock prevents passage. It is too slippery and smooth to climb. Ideally, characters will use the Song of Storms to raise the water level. Failing that, they could again fly over it or batter their way around it.
  • Propeller Trap: Here the corridor is blocked by new plant growth. Fortunately, it is wrapped around a propeller used by the Zora to move water in Lake Hylia. A panel of buttons (image following) is on a rock. Buttons make a musical tone when pushed. To turn on the propeller and shred the plants, characters must press the buttons in the right order to play Zelda’s Lullaby. To turn it off again, they press the button with the X.
  • Sub-Boss Platform: A stone platform, clearly man-made, in the lake. Big Octo is waiting here, sunning itself.
  • Boss Area: An open area containing the Gasha Tree, three rocks that can be stood upon, and Kalle Demos.

After Kalle Demos is defeated, a kargarok will swoop by, dropping Ganonhim (equipped for swimming) into the now-fresh water. Roll a Spot check to see how much of him they see before he teleports away. He will not return to the surface unless they dive in after him and manage to catch him.

  • 1: “Yeah, that bird dropped something.”
  • 2-5: “You briefly see a dark figure beneath the water.”
  • 6-10: Previous, plus “It looked human-shaped and had a nice swan dive.”
  • 11-15: Previous, plus “You catch a glimpse of red hair and flippers.”
  • 16+: Previous, plus “It looked pretty tan around the swimming mask.”
  • Natural 20: “I didn’t know Gerudo men could swim!”

The plant maze immediately begins to decay and fall apart. When the party is ready to continue upstream, they can use a hook and pulley next to the waterfall to haul their boat up, then continue upstream to Zora’s Domain.

In Zora’s Domain, the party is regarded with mild curiosity, but Zora will remain aloof unless confronted. The exception is the guards at the entrance to Snowpeak, who will not let them pass as they are not equipped for cold weather. They may walk right up to King Ralis, who is at the northernmost part of Zora’s Domain on his throne.

If you’ve read the Legend of Zelda manga, you’ll know that the Zora speak with a dialect by ending their sentences with -zora. I role-played this until my players started getting slightly annoyed, but by then they had the point.

This is more or less how our conversation went, but yours will vary.~Bodo

King Ralis: “Outsiders? What do you want?…Please forgive my rudeness. It’s just—well, if you’ve gotten here, you know the problems we’re facing. How did you manage to get here?”

  • The party should briefly relate their adventure in Lake Hylia.

King Ralis: “Did you find out what caused the lake to transform like that?”

  • The party should answer with the Gasha Tree.
  • After listening to their story, King Ralis waves a guard over and speaks to him quietly. The guard dives into the water and swims off. The party is kept waiting a few minutes in silence until the guard returns and speaks to King Ralis again.

King Ralis: “What you say is true. My people are already investigating the lake and it seems that the fish are unharmed. How can I ever thank you?”

  • The party should explain Impa’s mission for them.

King Ralis: “Yes, of course. If this sort of thing is happening across Hyrule, then it is of utmost importance that you stop it.”

  • King Ralis beckons for quill and paper, writes a note, rolls it up, and seals it in a clear glass bottle.

King Ralis: “If it hadn’t been for Link the Hero, I would have died when Zant came. Though it’s terrible that dark times seem to be returning, I welcome the chance to show that the Zora are allies to the Hylians. See that they are given food and rest before they return to the castle.”

King Ralis considers the audience over. However, if the party wants loot, he will listen to their reasoning for why they should be given treasure. The party may roll Diplomacy or Bluff checks. Rolls lower than these will elicit a confused Ralis who promises them their fill of dried fish and Zora Coffee beans and offers to get their weapons sharpened before they leave.
DC 18: White-on-blue belt embroidered with a tasteful wave motif, worth 700 rupees.
DC 23: Necklace of yellow gold, white pearls and star sapphires, worth 2000 rupees.

Your players may end up staying the night in the Zora’s Domain. I quickly made up a cafe for Orpheus to perform in, a store for supplies, a small library for research, and an inn (The Wave Pool) for them to stay in. If the characters do stay overnight, Orpheus should try to steal the Razor Ring from them while they sleep. ~Bodo


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