Garo: The Sheikah of Termina

January 24, 2010

Sheikah are mysteriously (or perhaps not so mysteriously) absent in Majora’s Mask. Where do they fit in? Even more importantly, how can a player wanting to be a Zelda ninja make his background plausible? The answer, in Book of Mudora, lies with the Garo.

During the Unification War in Hyrule, the Hylians, Sheikah, Zora, Gorons, and Gerudo finally…well, united. During this war, the Hylian royal family (the seat of power in the land) somehow betrayed the Sheikah. The Sheikah added a teardrop to their eye symbol in remembrance of this betrayal and moved on, continuing to serve the Hylian royal family.

At the same time, Termina was also undergoing a Unification War which included the Deku nation in Termina proper and the Sheikah nation, Garo. In Termina, the seat of power was again the Hylian royal family in Ikana Valley. They, too, betrayed their Sheikah. However, instead of changing their symbol and getting on with their lives, the Sheikah in Termina got revenge, wiping the Ikana Kingdom off the face of Termina and returning to Garo.


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