Shadow King: Part 4: Road to Lake Hylia

January 22, 2010


Road to Lake Hylia

Gossip stones, DC5 to find:

  • “Did you hear? The first Hero Link fought his shadow under the lake. I wonder which one won? Ooooooh.”
  • “Did you hear? The Zora like really stinky red fish. Hee hee!”

Enemies: 10% chance of random encounter by day, 50% chance by night.
– Guay
– Kargarok
– Stalchildren (night)
– Stalhounds (night)

The party may try to go to Zora’s Domain two ways: the direct path from Lanayru Field or the south entrance up Zora’s River from Lake Hylia. Unfortunately for them, Death Mountain has launched boulders that landed just in the entrance to the tunnel, blocking it. They are too thick for bombs. Here the party encounters Orpheus.

Orpheus: “I remember you! You were on your way to Ordon Village. Still together, I see?”

If the party is inclined to relate their adventure in Faron Woods, Orpheus will pretend to be interested and lead them on. In fact he already knows everything that happened.

Orpheus: “I had been planning on performing around a bit in the Zora’s Domain, but as you can see, I can’t get in! I was just resting a bit and trying to make up my mind. I don’t know if I want to just go back to Castle Town and wait for the boulders to get cleared out. I haven’t been to Zora’s Domain in awhile; I need a fresh audience, and they’re probably getting restless all bottled up in there. I could get there if I go up Zora’s River from Lake Hylia, but it’d be quite a haul to make it there by nightfall.”

The party should take the hint. At this point, they can try to persuade Orpheus to accompany them. If they make no offers, he will claim that he is returning to Castle Town after all, and they will see him walk away. If the party asks Orpheus to come with them, he will agree with the ulterior motive of keeping them away from Dark Link’s plans.

Orpheus: “You know, I think I’ll take you up on that offer. It’s bound to be easier to get upstream in a group. Besides, you can keep the kargaroks off me!”

The party continues to Lake Hylia. They find a once-beautiful lake choked—literally—with plant growth. What water they can see is tinted purple. Close inspection of the shore will reveal brown grass where the water (now acid) meets the land. The air smells unusually strongly like rotting plant matter.

Hena’s shop with its “Boat Rentals” sign is easily visible from the lake entrance. The door is locked. Hena will hear if they try the door or if they knock, and greets them with a fishing net held like a bat.

Hena: “Who are you? What do you want?”

The party must explain the situation. If Orpheus is accompanying them, he will stay in the back and let them speak.

Hena: “The Great Impa sent you? Well, I’ve never seen such a strange group traveling together, so I guess I have to believe you. Come on in.”

Hena allows the party inside. They may speak to Purdy, but he will not give any new information.

Hena: “It’s awful, isn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised if all the plants and fish are dead now, poor things.”

The party must negotiate a rowboat from Hena in order to investigate the lake. Hena will try to charge 100 rupees to compensate her for the damage the lake water will do to her boat. A Diplomacy roll of 17 will persuade her to cut the fee in half; a roll of 20 will get her to give them the boat for free.

A clever party may backtrack to the bridge over Lake Hylia to view their dungeon from above and map it out.


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