Dead Man’s Volley

January 22, 2010

We all know Dead Man’s Volley–the battle technique of batting a ball of energy back and forth between the villain (usually Ganondorf or some puppet thereof) and the hero. How can this be replicated in a pen and paper game?

Make the ability to initiate Dead Man’s Volley a technique gained by possessing a piece of the Triforce–preferably just the Triforce of Power. You don’t want it in your players’ hands, or the game will take forever.

Let’s assume that you have a player playing as Link, and you want him to play Dead Man’s Volley with Ganondorf.

When Ganondorf initiates Dead Man’s Volley, have him make an attack roll; Link’s AC should not include armour bonuses for this round. This attack roll is not to see if the Link actually gets hit, but to see if Ganondorf launches the ball of energy in the right direction.

The ball of energy is heading toward Link. Link must make a Reflex save, DC 15, to bat it back. Link must have a weapon in his hand in order to do this. Bows and boomerangs may be wielded as clubs for this purpose. Snarky players may also use an empty bottle. Shields will cause the ball to disspiate.

Link has successfully sent the ball of energy back at Ganondorf. Ganondorf must make the same Reflex save in order to bat the ball of energy toward Link again.

Link and Ganondorf continue to make Reflex saves until one of them fails–let’s say it’s Ganondorf. A failed Reflex save means that the ball has gotten past Ganondorf’s guard and hit him, stunning him for one round.


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