Part 3: Return to Castle Town

June 26, 2009

warningAfter Faron Woods, the party may wish to stop in Ordon Village, but you should eventually make your way back to Castle Town and Telma’s Bar. The same stats apply for the trip back to Castle Town as the trip from Castle Town.

Telma’s Bar

Telma: “You all are back! I haven’t stopped thinking about you all this time. What happened in Faron Woods?”

The party should briefly summarize the events of Faron Woods for Telma.

A group of Hyrule Castle guards sitting around a table seem quite interested in your tale. Their talk dies down as your story continues. They all look at each other, then stand. The tallest one walks up to you and demands to know if your story is true. The leader’s voice is not threatening, but he leaves no room for argument.

Guard: “I think you’d better come with us. There’s someone who had better hear your tale.”

The guards walk with you through Castle Town and into Hyrule Castle itself.

Hyrule Castle

  • Gossip stone, DC 5 to find: “The rulers of Hyrule are as follows: Princess Zelda, Ganondorf of the Gerudo, King Ralis of the Zora, Darunia of the Gorons, and Mido of the Kokiri. But I’ve heard of someone named Ladislao…wonder who that is?”

After a maze of hallways, the guards finally open two wooden doors engraved with the Hylian crest. In a spacious room with large windows, a majestic Sheikah woman sits behind an oak desk. Despite the stacks of papers and books that surround her, she carries herself like a fighter. She looks up from her work.

Guard: “This is the Lady Impa, survivor of the Sheikah and close assistant of Her Majesty Princess Zelda. Tell her what you saw in Faron Woods.”

You should relate approximately the same story you told Telma.

Impa: “I do believe your tale, but you must understand that I cannot yet take you into my confidence. I have a task to ask of you that will prove your loyalty–it will take you to Goron City, and the Gorons’ trust is not easily won. You will be compensated appropriately. I have received messages from Darunia, the Goron patriarch, describing strange volcanic activity in Death Mountain. While the Gorons are investigating it themselves, we must also send a group to help as a matter of diplomacy. Will you help the Gorons search Death Mountain and return to me with the results?”

  • Impa will give the party 1d5x100 rupees for supplies.

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