Why Book of Mudora?

June 19, 2009

Why is this game titled Book of Mudora? The Book of Mudora appears in Zelda games as a text filled with the history and lore of Hyrule, including legends of the Triforce. It is used to translate old Hylian text and is generally perceived as a repository of wise knowledge.

Zelda games are usually named after a main item or character in the game (Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time). The Book of Mudora may not be a prominent item in our modules, but it emphasizes that this is a tabletop Zelda game. When playing pen-and-paper RPGs, players may use dice, minis, and other pieces of hardware, but the most valuable item is the rule book. Just say the words “grapple check” and watch everyone reach for the rule books. This Book of Mudora is the repository of all the knowledge needed to play the Zelda d20 game.


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