Travel to Twilight

June 14, 2009

Unless you’re playing wholly in the Twilight Realm, the inclusion of a Twili in your party means that the players must think up the way that the Twili got to the Light Realm in the first place. The destruction of the Mirror of Twilight at the end of Twilight Princess makes this tricky; however, there are many options to choose from.

  • Ganondorf seems able to travel between the Light Realm and the Twilight Realm at will. Since Twilight Princess proves that the Goddesses’ magic is the most powerful magic, perhaps the possession of a piece of the Triforce enables a person to move freely between the realms.
  • Rusl hints that the Twilight Realm and the Light Realm overlap at twilight. Perhaps it is possible to travel between the realms at that time, if one knows how.
  • The Mirror of Twilight was rebuilt after it broke into four pieces; perhaps the shards can still be put back together.
  • Perhaps the shards of the Mirror of Twilight changed the area of Arbiter’s Grounds they landed in, making travel possible.
  • Perhaps a new Mirror of Twilight can be built.
  • Termina mirrors Hyrule in many ways; perhaps the Terminans have their own counterpart to the Mirror of Twilight.
  • The Terminans are clever with gadets; perhaps they can build a device for crossing between realms.

Remember, if you can explain it well enough, you can make it work!

~ Bodo


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