Shadow King: Part 1: Castle Town and Road to Ordon

June 14, 2009


Castle Town


  • Agitha’s Castle
  • Bakery
  • Bazaar
  • Bombchu Bowling Alley
  • Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium
  • Funday School
  • Happy Hearth Inn
  • Happy Mask Shop
  • Jovani’s House
  • Library
  • Mamamu Yan’s House
  • Mama’s Cafe
  • Madame Fanadi’s Fortune-telling
  • Medical Center
  • Poe Salesman
  • Post Office
  • Purlo’s STAR Circus
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Stables
  • Telma’s Bar
  • Treasure Chest Game

Ready cash: 4,000,000 rupees

Telma’s Bar

  • Perform Listen check upon entering the bar: DC 5 to overhear the NPCs.

Your players meet in Telma’s Bar in Castle Town. A group of Hyrule Castle soldiers are talking about a monster seen in Faron Woods. They laugh, thinking that the bumpkins are still spooked about the events with Zant. They don’t intend to do anything about it; the locals ought to be able to deal with one or two little monsters wandering around.

You hear Telma, the owner of the bar, comment that the Hyrule Castle soldiers have always seemed pretty lazy to her. She thinks that someone ought to do something and wonders why the Princess hasn’t sent anyone to take care of the problem. She knows Link, the Hero–now there’s a fellow who takes care of the people.

Players should speak to Telma.

Telma: “We’ve got to take care of Ordon Village, you know–that’s where Link the Hero came from. Tell you what, honey–if you help those people out, I’ll give you a few provisions for the journey.”

Telma gives the party 2 bottles of milk, 2 loaves of bread, and 4 apples.

Telma continues: “Have you heard of the Sheikah, the race who protected the royal family of Hyrule? They’re pretty much gone now, but when they were still around they scattered stones across the world to gather information. Gossip Stones, they’re called. They don’t work nearly as well as they used to; mostly they pick up useless tidbits. Still, they might be able to tell you something useful. Why do I know about them? Honey, I’m a bartender–it’s my job to know all the gossip. But business is better than ever, and I don’t have time to check the stones like I used to, so it couldn’t hurt if you take this along too. Mind, I want it back.”

Telma gives the party the Mask of Truth.

Telma explains: “Put on that mask, and it’ll let you talk to the Gossip Stones. Really, it works. You can’t miss them–big gray rocks with the Sheikah symbol carved into them. If you need directions to Ordon Village, take a look at that map over there on the table. Just go south, you can’t miss it. I’d stick to the roads, though. Even with Ganondorf gone, you never know what–or who–might be out there.”

Party should provision themselves in Castle Town and set out south for Ordon Village.

Road to Ordon

  • Gossip stone, DC5 to find: “Did you hear? It’s a secret to everybody. Tee hee!”
  • Gossip stone, DC 5 to find: “Did you hear? There’s only one male Gerudo born every hundred years. What’s going to happen to them now that Ganondorf is gone?”

Enemies: 10% chance of random encounter by day, 50% chance by night.
– Guay
– Kargarok
– Stalchildren (night)
– Stalhounds (night)

Plains stretch out to all sides as you descend the grand steps to Castle Town. The sun shines brightly, but the breeze is pleasantly cool.

  • All characters make a Spot check, DC 5.

If successful: You spot a figure walking up the road toward you.
If unsuccessful: “Greetings!” a voice exclaims out of nowhere. Suddenly you see a man standing in front of you.

The man looks to be in his mid-forties, with white hair and red eyes. His most distinctive feature is a dark blue eye patch bearing the symbol of an eye with a teardrop in red lines. He carries a bag, probably with a few possessions, and a small harp slung across his back.

  • Answers to possible player questions:
  • Who are you? – “My name is Orpheus.”
  • What do you do? – “I’m a wandering minstrel.”
  • Where are you going? – “To Castle Town. The work’s better there.”

Orpheus: “Are you headed toward Ordon? I’ve just come from there–as fast as I can, actually. Things are looking grim. I would avoid it, if I were you.”

  • Answers to possible player questions:
  • Why were you in Ordon? – (Roll Bluff check) “I’d never been to Ordon before. I thought I’d try to expand my audience, see if they have any annual festivals that need music.”
  • What’s in Ordon? – “Well, there’s been some monsters seen in Faron Woods.”
  • What kind of monsters? – “Big spiders and things.”
  • How did they get there? – (Roll Bluff check) “My guess is that they’re still left from when Zant attacked. Or maybe those woods have just always been dangerous.”

Orpheus: “Are you really sure you want to go that way? Well, you all stay safe! Maybe I’ll see you around!”

The party continues south until they come to a fork in the road. A wooden signpost indicates that Ordon Village lies along the western fork and the Faron Woods along the eastern fork.

Ordon Village is entirely optional and the party may wish to proceed straight to Faron Woods.

Ordon Village

  • Hanch’s House
  • Link’s House
  • Mayor Bo’s House
  • Ordon Ranch
  • Rusl’s House
  • Sera’s Shop

Ready cash: 100 rupees

The people of Ordon Village are very proud of living in the hometown of Link the Hero. They are a bit nervous about the monsters in Faron Woods, but are confident that if the problem spreads, Link will return to take care of things. They are friendly to the party but feel that the members are foolish to go chasing after monsters in Faron Woods.


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