Shadow King: NPCs

June 14, 2009



Download Telma’s character sheet.

The flirtatious owner of a bar in Castle Town, Telma serves as an information hub for many of Hyrule’s inhabitants. Adventurers frequent her bar, finding it a pleasant and accommodating place to relax and plan their next moves.

While she may seem flighty at times, Telma keeps sharp tabs at what she hears bartending and will not hesitate to encourage her patrons to help others. Her advice can prove valuable. If a situation proves dire enough, she will not hesitate to get her own hands dirty or provide a little leverage.


Download Impa’s character sheet.

Born in Old Kakariko Village, one of the few remaining Sheikah, Impa was originally Princess Zelda’s nursemaid and bodyguard. She is a descendent of the Sage of Shadows who helped Zelda disguise herself as a Sheikah during the Seal War. By royal decree, all who serve in this position are to be named Impa. Now that Link serves as Zelda’s protector, Impa has finally settled down to a less adventurous job as one of Princess Zelda’s chief advis0rs and administrators.

Impa has a sharp mind and is an astute judge of character. Her information network reaches far, and little happens in Hyrule without her knowledge. While she is strict, she is also reasonable. She cares deeply for Hyrule and its people.

We think the OOT Impa is the best incarnation of this recurring character, so rather than use Impaz from the Hidden Village, we intend this Impa to be in the same role as the OOT Impa without being the exact same character. ~Wodo

Shadow King Dark Link

Download Dark Link’s character sheet.

The Hero of Time’s doppelganger, Dark Link is the original ruler of the Dark Realm as he was the first to manage to control its denizens. He accomplished this through the power of the Triforce of Shadow, which came to him when the Triforce originally split during the events of Ocarina of Time.

When Ganondorf was sent to the Dark Realm after the events of Ocarina of Time, he wrested power of the realm from Dark Link, who resented the act even while serving as Ganondorf’s right-hand man. Though extremely powerful, Dark Link did not want to reveal to Ganondorf his possession of the Triforce of Shadow, so he wisely bided his time, knowing that Ganondorf was getting old and could not continue his conquests forever.

Dark Link ruled the Dark Realm as Ganonhim’s regent until the death of Ganondorf. When Ganondorf was executed, Dark Link immediately seized power, promising Ganonhim that he would hand over the realm. However, he had no intention of doing so. Instead, he kept Ganonhim under his thumb with mental games.

His real name is Ladislao, and that is how his minions address him; however, he consents to being called Dark Link by the people of Hyrule as Link is traditionally the name of the Hero.

Dark Link wields two Sheikah hook swords named “Shekane” (Sun) and “Kamare” (Moon) and plays the ocarina well. These two swords were originally given to him as a gift of loyalty by Orpheus.

We always thought that Dark Link deserved some more game attention. We chose the name “Ladislao” for him because it comes from “Vladislav”, which means “To rule with glory”. He fights with shang guo (Chinese hook swords) instead of the stolen Master Sword because we thought he deserved his own really cool-looking weapon. I also requested the emo bangs. ^^ ~ Bodo

Dark Prince Ganonhim Dragmire

Download Ganonhim’s character sheet.

Ganonhim Portrait - Zelda d20

The son of an unknown Gerudo woman and Ganondorf, Ganonhim was to become the ruler of the Dark Realm upon his coming of age. He was born in the Gerudo Valley, but was immediately spirited away by Orpheus.

Having grown up in his father’s shadow, yet having little contact with him, Ganonhim is both vengeful and uncertain. While raised mainly by Orpheus, Ganonhim learned fighting under Dark Link’s tutelage. Though untested, he is surely skilled. The Triforce of Power passed to Ganonhim upon Ganondorf’s death, but he has not yet learned to control its full power. He follows Dark Link’s command naively. While he will act boldly and rashly to prove himself, his confidence is easily damaged.

While certainly evil while under Dark Link’s sway, his vacillating nature could surely lead Ganonhim to be turned back to the light with the proper persuasion.

He plays the organ, but not nearly as well as his father, and fights with a trident.

Ganonhim’s name comes from, obviously, Ganondorf and Agahnim. His trident is a salute to some of the 2d games where Ganon wielded a trident. ~Bodo

Orpheus ap Kasuto

Download Orpheus’s character sheet.

Orpheus, Portrait - Zelda d20

Orpheus is a corrupt Sheikah who raised Ganonhim. His most distinctive feature is an eye patch bearing the Sheikah symbol that hides his Moon Pearl eye.

A young man during the Seal War, Orpheus was greatly disturbed by the treatment and slaughter of his tribe. Rather than remain in Hyrule and fight for a princess he had never met, Orpheus fled to the Twilight Realm, losing an eye in battle in the process. There he was an oddity, as few Sheikah ever journeyed on their own. Dark Link found him there, wandering as a snow leopard. Dark Link replaced Orpheus’s lost eye with a Moon Pearl and healed his other injuries; in gratitude, Orpheus accompanied Dark Link back to the Dark Realm.

At Ganonhim’s birth, Ganondorf sent Orpheus to kidnap the infant and bring him to the Dark Realm. As Ganondorf cared little for his offspring except to secure his rule with an heir, Orpheus did most of the work to raise Ganonhim. When Ganonhim grew older, Orpheus’s role switched to bodyguard, much like Impa and Princess Zelda. Though he would technically have to follow any orders given to him by Ganonhim, his mentoring role allows him a significant amount of sway with Ganonhim.

The person who possesses the Triforce of Power (either Ganondorf or Ganonhim) may control the flow of time in the Dark Realm, just as Zelda can control the flow of time in Hyrule. Though a great amount of time has passed in Hyrule between Ganondorf’s first and second attacks, not much time has passed in the Dark Realm. This explains how Orpheus can have fought in the Seal War, but has not aged more than two decades since.

Orpheus fights with a Sheikah Knife and can play a harp.

We picked the name “Orpheus”  back in 2005. By the time we started this module, we couldn’t remember why we chose it, apart from sounding cool. But that was a good enough reason. “Kasuto” is the only town from The Adventure of Link that doesn’t have a similarly-named character in Ocarina of Time. ~Wodo


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